Hearing Aid Brands

A Range of Leading Brands

Hearing Aid Brands

Smart Hearing Solutions understands many Australians want to choose a brand of hearing aid that is suitable. They want the confidence that their hearing aid provider understands their needs and the technology being recommended. And they want to have the option to select from a range of hearing aid manufacturers. We understand your concern. Smart Hearing Solutions, can provide you with a choice from a range of leading hearing aid brands.

 Our Philosophy

“My philosophy has been to help clients achieve their aims through the best technology (not necessarily hearing aids) or rehabilitation service. The end result: a good outcome for all.”

– Gary Rayment, Hearing Clinician & Owner, Smart Hearing Solutions

We Offer You The Choice

  • We can help you select the right hearing aid for you.
  • We offer you a wide variety of hearing aids at various price points to meet your particular hearing loss – and your budget.
  • We encourage you to ask lots of questions! We take the time to speak with you about your lifestyle and the hearing aid features that will suit your needs.
  • We also welcome you to bring a family member or friend along.
  • We encourage you to do your own research – ask other hearing aid wearers about the brands that they have or take a look at the manufacturer’s websites.

Over the years of working with various brands, we’ve chosen the following leading brands of hearing aids:

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