Hearing Tests

Hearing loss affects around one in six Australians (source: WHO).

Hearing loss can occur for many reasons.

We naturally lose some of our hearing as we age. Many people who work in noisy environments experience high-frequency hearing loss. This means hearing the clarity of speech and voices becomes hard. Sometimes hearing loss happens because of illness and infection.

Because hearing is such an important part of how we connect to the world –in conversations, watching TV or listening to our favourite radio program or podcast – being hard of hearing can lead to isolation, lower wages, depression and ill-health. No referral is required for any type of testing at Smart Hearing Solutions.

Note: Your GP is sent a detailed audiometric report (with your permission) after a full assessment.

Free Hearing Check

No Appointment Necessary

Our state-of-the-art hearing check facilities are located at the front of our stores. The self-service hearing check provides you with an indication of your hearing levels. The basic check allows you to see if further testing with a clinician is necessary. No need to book, come in any time.

You can also take the free hearing check online here.

Full Hearing Assessment

A full assessment involves identifying the degree of hearing loss, the site of the loss within the peripheral hearing mechanism and specific listening and communication needs. After the hearing test is complete your clinician will explain your results and treatment plan. Depending on your overall hearing profile a recommendation of hearing devices and rehabilitation, tinnitus management and or referral for further investigation.

What to expect at your full hearing assessment?

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What type of testing is right for me?

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To speak with our hearing concierge please call 1300 017 732 or book online.