Earwax Removal

Your hearing will be adversely impacted if earwax accumulates in the ear canal.

“Am I losing my hearing, or is just earwax?”

Your hearing will be adversely impacted if earwax accumulates in the ear canal. Even while earwax generally falls out on its own, if you have symptoms of compacted earwax, it’s crucial to contact a hearing care specialist because DIY solutions can be risky, useless, and even worsen the condition.

What is earwax (cerumen)?

The body naturally rids your ear canals of dust and dead skin cells by producing earwax (otherwise known as ‘cereumen’). Actually, it isn’t wax at all. Earwax is a water-soluble substance that absorbs dead skin cells, airborne dust, and secretions from glands in your ear canal.

The majority of the time, earwax will exit your ear naturally, as you move your jaw to talk, eat, and drink. It typically dries out and disappears without you ever knowing. However, hearing aids, hair, and other impediments, can stop this process and necessitate intervention.

Symptoms of compacted earwax

We advise scheduling an appointment for earwax removal if you are exhibiting any of the symptoms listed below.

  • Tinnitus (ringing in the ear);
  • Itchy ears, odour, or ear discharge;
  • Coughing;
  • Earache;
  • Feeling as though your ear is blocked;
  • Sounds becoming muffled, which may get worse over time;
  • If you wear hearing aids, you might hear them whistling or feel as though they aren’t functioning properly.

Methods for removing earwax

Our highly-trained and accredited Earwax Technicians are equipped and trained to use ENT surgical grade microscopes, which can look deep into the ear canal with magnification. Based on what they find, they’ll choose one, or a combination of, the following extraction techniques:

Wax Softeners

If possible, it’s recommended for clients to use a “softening” agent, like CleanEar spray, for several days prior to their appointment.


Our clinics include medical-grade microsuction machines, which make it possible to safely and painlessly remove most deep and difficult earwax.

Ear Irrigation

Our highly-trained technicians use a specialised ear irrigation machine to flush earwax from the ear canal with a saline solution.

Mechanical Removal

Our specialists may, with the aid of microscopes and other safety measures, use hand-held syringes, curettes, probes, or forceps to remove extremely difficult earwax.

Don’t push anything into your ear canal!

Earwax build-up is primarily brought on by persons cleaning their own ears. Earwax inevitably moves deeper into the canal and is squeezed up against the eardrum. Your ears find it challenging to naturally clear it out as a result.

So please don’t insert bobby pins, pen caps, or cotton q-tips into your ears!

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