Choosing the Best Hearing Aid

Making Your Decision Easier

Choosing the right solution for your hearing needs can take time

The team at Smart Hearing Solutions is dedicated to making this decision easier for you

We help you choose the best hearing solution in 7 ways

  1. An experienced Hearing Care Professional will walk you through all your options. We know that price is a big factor for many people, so we’ll match the solution to fit your budget and your hearing needs.
  2. We provide you with on-going and on-time service when you need it.
  3. We offer a convenient and easily accessible hearing centre for you to visit in St Agnes, Golden Grove and Glenelg.
  4. You’re not just a number to us! We give you individual support & encouragement. At Smart Hearing Solutions, we’re your hearing partner. We take the time and listen to what you want.
  5. Try before you buy. We stand by our recommendations with a free Try Before You Buy Offer (without obligation). This will help you choose the best hearing aid. If you decide to keep the hearing instrument(s), we give you a further 45-Day Money Back Guarantee. That’s peace of mind.
  6. Our customised testing and fitting programs mean that we’ll help you choose the right device and ensure a comfortable fit. We consider if you lead an active lifestyle, visiting family or friends, and going out to places where background noise may make it difficult to understand the conversation. Or do you mainly potter around at home and enjoy a generally quiet environment? We’ll help you choose the right solution.
  7. We encourage every client to bring their partner or significant other along to every appointment. We’ll work with you, your partner, carer, and doctor (if requested) to ensure your hearing needs are met.

Call us to discuss the best hearing solutions for you on 1300 017 732 or contact us here.