Assistive Listening Devices

For use in the home and out

Assistive Listening Devices are helpful technology that support people who are hard of hearing to hear better in everyday situations. They can be used in the home or when going out to make life easier for the hearing impaired.

Assistive Listening Devices – In the Home

Alerting Devices – alarm clocks with vibration alert, doorbell lights, phone alerting systems and smoke alarms can help support a person’s independence and make it easier to keep in touch with loved ones and live safely in their home.

Phones – cordless and mobile phones with easy-to-read displays and loudspeakers to handle increased volume levels without distortion, help connect people to friends and family. 

TV and music devices – there’s no need to turn up the volume on your favourite TV show or music with these specially designed devices. Devices include wireless headphones, neck loops and ear hooks. Each hearing aid brand has direct streaming from TV to hearing aids now via a Bluetooth transmitter – ask us for a free demonstration.

Assistive Listening Devices – When you’re going out

Many people struggle to hear when they go out to restaurants, attend meetings, go to church or try and listen to lecturers at university or TAFE. ALDs are often used to amplify speech, especially in noisy situations. This improves the signal (speech) to noise ratio.

FM Systems – Using harmless radio waves, the personal FM system consists of a transmitter microphone worn or held by the speaker (such as the teacher in the classroom, or the speaker at a lecture) and a receiver used by you, the listener. The receiver transmits the sound to your ears or, if you wear a hearing aid, directly to the hearing aid.

Induction Loop Systems – also known as a ‘hearing loop’; consists of a microphone to pick up the spoken word; an amplifier which processes the signal which is then sent through the final piece; the loop cable, a wire placed around the perimeter of a specific area (such as a meeting room, a church, movie theatre) to act as an antenna that radiates the magnetic signal to the hearing aid.

Infrared Systems – an alternative to the loop system; a typical system consists of an audio source, an infrared radiator (transmitter) and infrared listening receivers.

Bluetooth Technology – making use of wireless technology, the latest easy-to-use Bluetooth technology includes headsets and handy remote controls to adjust your listening experience.

Hearables – A new term in the hearing care industry. A blend between a hearing aid and a wireless headphone, a Hearable allows you to connect to your smart device via Bluetooth and provide option to augment sound through an app. New products are flooding the market regularly, check out our store for some of the best quality options to date.

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