Sonic Hearing Aids


The Sonic hearing aid range includes:

  • Celebrate – features and discreet styles with wireless connectivity to iPhone® and AndroidTM smartphones. Available in miniBTE, miniRITE, ITE, ITC, CIC and IIC models.
  • Cheer – a generous range of styles plus three technology levels mean Cheer can fit most patients with mild to moderately severe hearing loss. Available in ITED, ITCD, CIC, CICPW, plus four BTE models.
  • Journey – a Super Power BTE designed for extreme hearing loss.
  • Bliss – ideal for users hoping for a small device; the Bliss miniBTE is very discreet while the Bliss IIC is practically invisible.
  • Charm – streamlined to offer just the right amount of features and technologies. Available in ITE, ITC, CIC and the nearly invisible IIC model.
  • Pep – With BTE and ITE models designed to fit active lifestyles, Pep is a great first step towards better hearing.
  • Flip – A tiny RIC that’s extremely easy to use, this instrument will Flip your expectations about hearing aids.

Sonic‘s most recent products are built using the Speech Variable Processing platform. This supports clear conversation and improved speech understanding.

They all provide exceptional sound quality along with benefits like binaural processing and wireless connectivity options.

About Sonic

Sonic is part of the William Demant Holding (WDH) Group, specialising in hearing health care. Sonic is a global hearing aid manufacturer of the highest technological standard. Sonic is proud that its worldwide success has been based on revolutionary sound processing, superior product quality, professionalism and impeccable customer service.

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