Swim & Musician Ear Plugs

Protect your hearing with our Custom-made Ear Plugs.

Custom-made Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

Protect your hearing with our Custom-made Ear Plugs. Specially moulded to the shape of your ear, our Custom-made Ear Plugs can protect your ears from noise, such as loud music or a noisy workplace. They can also be used when you’re swimming. Made from flexible, hypo-allergenic silicone, the ear plugs are durable enough to use day after day.

Ordering your own custom-made ear plugs is easy!

  1. To order your Custom-made Ear Plugs, book an appointment with your Smart Hearing Solutions clinician.
  2. They’ll take an impression of your ear canal. This should only take about 15 minutes.
  3. Your ear plugs will take about a week to make. We’ll make an appointment for the fitting.

Off The Shelf Hearing Protection

If you are after a quick, easy and one size fits all hearing plug check out our extensive online range.

Swimmer's Ear Plugs

  • Comfortably protect your water-sensitive ears while you swim
  • Work as a protection from bacterial infection
  • Keep your ears dry, without blocking out sound completely
  • They’re made of floatable material
  • Available in various colours

Musician's Ear Plugs

  • Protect your ears against loud music
  • Ideal for people regularly exposed to high levels of unsafe sound such as DJs, festival goers, music production personnel and musicians
  • Protects your hearing without blocking out the fidelity of sound completely
  • Available in various attenuation levels – 15db, 25db, 30db

Hearing Protection Ear Plugs

  • Effective hearing protection for people who work in noisy environments
  • Helps prevent long term hearing damage, also known as ‘industrial hearing loss’ or noise induced hearing loss
  • Comfortable and easy to wear
  • Available in various colours

To make your appointment for custom made ear plugs, call us today on 1300 017 732 or book online.