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Free Hearing Services & Rebates

Get financial help with your hearing care

Are you eligible for fully subsidised hearing aids and services?

If your hearing care clinician recommends hearing aids, there are some cases where you can get financial help with your hearing care.

Free Hearing Services for Pensioners and Veterans

Many Pensioners and Department of Veteran’s Affairs (DVA) clients are eligible for support through the Australian Government’s hearing care scheme which is managed by the Office of Hearing Services (OHS).

These services include free hearing aids and hearing care services. These services include counselling and the supply of subsidised hearing aid batteries.

Smart Hearing Solutions is an accredited provider of these services.

To benefit from the OHS hearing support scheme you must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident 26 years of age or more, and must fit into one of these categories:

  • Pensioner Concession Card holders
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs Gold Repatriation Health Card holders
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs White Repatriation Health Card holders specifying hearing loss
  • Recipients of a sickness allowance from Centrelink

Also eligible are:

  • Dependents of a person in one of the above categories
  • Members of the Australian Defence Forces
  • Referred clients of an Australian Government-funded vocational rehabilitation service
  • Some NDIS participants with hearing needs

Eligible adults in the above categories need to apply for a Voucher (which entitles you to subsidised hearing services).

We can help you apply for your fully subsidised hearing services

Here’s how it works:

  1. To receive fully subsidised hearing aids and hearing services you must apply to the Office of Hearing Services (OHS).
  2. Your Smart Hearing Solutions hearing clinician will give you an application form. We can also help you complete your application. You can also apply online here.
  3. Your completed application form can be sent to OHS for processing or alternatively bring into Smart Hearing Solutions and we will process for you and forward to OHS. We can also make an appointment for your assessment at this time.
  4. Once your application has been approved by OHS, they’ll send you a Hearing Services Voucher or provide approval to Smart Hearing Solutions through the Hearing Services portal. This entitles you to a hearing test, fully subsidised hearing aids and fully or subsidised ongoing services.
  5. It’s up to you where you receive your services, but as Smart Hearing Solutions is an accredited provider under the government scheme, we’d be happy to look after your hearing health.

Support for Private Clients

Even if you’re not eligible for government subsidies, we can still offer you a free hearing check.

If you have private health cover, you may also have some support on your hearing aid purchases (up to $1,200 for some health funds).

You’ll need to check with your health fund to find out about your cover.

Support if you’re claiming hearing care under WorkCover

It’s common for people in noisy work environments to experience hearing loss. Whatever the cause, many people claim all or part of their hearing aids through the WorkCover scheme. WorkCover entitlements are different in every state of Australia, so you’ll need to check first with your local branch. You can read more about WorkCover here.

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