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Smart Hearing Solutions offers a full range of treatments and solutions for hearing difficulties, including tinnitus management, earwax removal, counselling, aural rehabilitation, and hearing technology from all leading manufacturers.

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Members: Audiology Australia and the Australian College of Audiology. [Read Code of Conduct Here)
Accredited: Hearing Services Program and Return to Work SA (RTWSA)
Clinical Team Quals: Diploma in Hearing Device Rehabilitation or a Masters of Audiology

Is it hearing loss or just earwax?

Impacted earwax build-ups can significantly affect your hearing and reduce the effectiveness of hearing aids. Home remedies for earwax removal can be unsafe, ineffective, and may make the situation worse. Therefore, it is important to see a qualified hearing care professional for an Earwax Check & Clean.

Accreditations and Memberships

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Just some of our customer testimonials...

  • Thank you (many times over) for being so persisting (sic), and finally winning with my lousy hearing; and very advanced “doover”. I did not know it was half-stuffed; more or less, since I first got this particular hearing aid, Mara and I are more thank grateful; It works!
  • I have had wonderful service from my service provider and have told other people how great the help I received from them was.
    Frances H
  • Staff were very patient with me. I have osteoarthritis in my fingers and hands and find it difficult to manage the appliance at times. Lots of helpful tips given.
    Pat V
  • Small team, very professional, excellent service and complete undedstanding.
    Paul K
  • Extremely friendly, caring and professional staff. Everything was explained well and in a way I could understand. Couldn't ask for better service!
    Katherine T
  • Smart Hearing Solutions has been awarded 5 stars by EarTrak, an independent hearing aid customer satisfaction survey. The Quality Certification of 5 stars means we have succeeded in all 5 categories: Independent Validation of Client Outcomes, Continuing Commitment to Quality Improvement, Client Satisfaction with Hearing Improvement, Client Satisfaction with Hearing Aid Performance and Client Satisfaction with Service Delivery!
  • Jason was courteous and thorough. I am very pleased with the service and outcome.
    Catherine I
  • Very pleased with the service! They recently helped my grandmother with her hearing loss. Thanks
    Steph G
  • I would like to share the excellent service i received from reception to the expertise of the Audiologist Jason in my recent visits in acquiring hearing aids,which i am absolutely thrilled to be wearing. Thank you so much for giving me my hearing back. I give them 5 star recommendation.
    G. Farmer Happy Client
  • I have found them to be very professional, caring, friendly, but most of all, understand my needs when I'm having trouble with them. They explain everything to me in simple terms.
  • Just a quick note to express my total satisfaction. Batteries ordered by phone last week Thursday 26th and received this morning, just four days later by Express Post. From Adelaide to Gold Coast in 4 days with a weekend in between. 

    Excellent service all round. Price-wise also a big, big saving.

    C.P. (Keith) de Jong
  • I was impressed by the caring courteous treatment I received. Everything was explained in a method I could understand. I now understand why I could hear sounds but not understand what was being said. the care taken in selecting the correct hearing aid for me was excellent. the after sales care has been extraordinary and the assistance in understanding how to wear the hearing aid and care for was impressive. I can recommend Smart Hearing for anyone who needs a hearing aid.
  • I would like to congratulate Smart Hearing Solutions. They are a family business, with generations of knowledge and experience. I suffer congenital deafness, which requires expertise & patience. Jason demonstrates both, he is a credit to the profession.
  • Thank you (many times over) for being so persistent, and finally winning with my lousy hearing and very advanced “doover”. i di not know it was half-stuffed, more or less, since I first got this particular hearing aid. Mara and I are more than grateful - it works!
  • "The hearing aids are so goo. I wear them when I have visitors, shopping, babysitting grandkids, etc, as it makes it so much more comfortable to hear."
  • Excellent service and Jason was very caring and explained everything.
    Susan N
  • We highly recommend Jason at Smart Hearing Solutions for all your audiology needs. We love our hearing aids and Jason has the perfect personality for attending to our age group. We often find that once past your prime people don’t listen carefully to our concerns, but that is not so with Jason. He is professional, respectful and gentle
    Janice & Robert L
  • Very professional and friendly. The audiologist had a lovely demeanor and put my mother at ease straight away and explained everything thoroughly and clearly. I would highly recommend to friends and family.
    Debra C
  • Smart Hearing is as the name suggests, Jason is the professional hearing specialist that anyone with profound deafness like I have, has the skills and knowledge as well as the latest in hearing technology to enable me to hear as much as is possible, thank you Jason and team
    Gil W
  • A great family business and I strongly recommend their friendly and professional services.
    Bernie K
  • Very happy with the service and attention received from Jason & staff at the Golden Grove branch. All my queries were listened to and answered in detail with clear information provided for further private research. Great on-going service - overall I have had a great experience and would recommend Smart Hearing Solutions Golden Grove.
    Carolynn H
  • I found Jason very sincere. His explanations of the hearing tests and hearing aids was great. The hearing aids are so easy to use and they have changed my life. I am more able to participate in everyday situations and groups. I am not so mentally isolated. I can hear every day sounds like birds and general noises around me.
  • On Friday I had the privilege of meeting Kathrin. I have to confess that I had not been wearing my hearing aids for quite some time - I didn't like the sensation that they were causing in both ears. Kathrin at all times was patient, polite and attentive. A repeat hearing test was performed. Kathrin used lateral thinking to determine the problem. She decided to use larger hearing aids - a much better fit than previously. Now I don't even know that I am wearing my hearing aids! I wish to thank Kathrin for being such a dedicated and professional audiologist. Kathrin's persistence has been deeply appreciated - she is a wonderful asset to Smart Hearing Solutions.