Pricing & Technology Comparison

For all types of hearing loss, lifestyles and budgets

Hearing Aid Prices

We offer a range of hearing aids to suit people with different types of hearing loss, lifestyle needs and budgets.

  • Our hearing professionals will help you choose the right one for you. Using the latest technology, we’ll program your hearing aids to suit your hearing loss. We’ll make the necessary adjustments to fine-tune each hearing instrument, so they’re just right.
  • Smart Hearing Solutions range is fully supported by manufacturer’s warranties, fitting, follow up, maintenance, and aftercare.
  • Hearing Aid Styles are subject to availability and suitability to the individual’s ear and hearing loss.
  • We provide free 15-minute hearing checks for all adults. If a more thorough audiological assessment is recommended, we charge a nominal fee, except for government clients who are covered by Office of Hearing Services.
  • We also offer our optional SmartCare program. This covers your hearing aids loss and damage, plus many other ‘peace of mind’ benefits. Ask for our SmartCare brochure and for the full list of terms and conditions.
  • Our hearing aids are only available to clients who come into the clinic for their hearing aid check, fitting and follow-up appointments. This ensures the hearing instruments are customised to your needs (they are not available for sale online).

Our Pricing Includes

  • Initial Consultation – face to face
  • Hearing Assessment – full audiological assessment
  • Medical Report for your doctor
  • Copy of your audiogram for your medical record
  • Hearing Solution & Recommendation
  • Customised Fitting Appointment – personalised to match your individual needs
  • 12 Months Aftercare and Follow Up visits
  • 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Warranties as offered by the manufacturer

*SmartCare provides Peace of Mind, Now and into the Future for a low investment – please speak to your clinician