Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy

We understand the importance of keeping your personal information private. Smart Hearing Solutions is committed to taking care of your personal details under Australia’s privacy laws and guidelines.

The information we collect and why

In the course of providing hearing care, we collect Personal Information from:

  • people who make an enquiry about our hearing services, or join our newsletter mailing list, and
  • people who undertake a free hearing test or a full hearing assessment.

If you are applying for support from the Office of Hearing Services, we may access information about you from the government website.

If your general practitioner or specialist refers you to us, we may also receive information about your hearing health from them.

Information we routinely collect includes your: name, address, phone numbers, email address, date of birth, credit card and payment details and health fund details. In the process of assessing your hearing health, we may also collect information about your lifestyle and needs.

We use this information to provide you with a high level of service and to make the best possible recommendations for your hearing health.

We also collect this information to find out if you’re eligible for support from the Office of Hearing Services. If you’re eligible, this will give you access to free and subsidised hearing aids and hearing services.

From time to time, we keep in touch, sharing information on topics related to hearing, such as new hearing technology and changes in hearing services.

Only with your consent

We only use and disclose your personal information with your consent.

As part of our care for your hearing, we may share your personal information with your general practitioner or your specialist. We may also share information with government organisations involved in the provision and support of hearing services.

Occasionally, we involve outside contractors to help us contact you with hearing care news, and products and services that may be of interest to you. If you don’t want to receive this information, please let us know.

We don’t share your personal information with any overseas organisation.

Should you not wish to disclose your personal information, just let us know. This may, however, limit the level of service we can offer.

Keeping your information secure and accurate

All Smart Hearing Solutions staff are trained to ensure that we keep your personal information up-to-date, stored and used in a secure environment. We regularly audit our security processes.

We do not sell or share your data with organisations without your consent.

You have full access to your details

We ensure you have access to any of your personal information should you request it. That includes a copy of your audiogram results and our recommendations. We will ensure that if any of the information we keep needs correction, we’ll endeavour to update those details as quickly as we can.

What happens if you want to make a complaint or need to update your personal details?

We will do our utmost to keep your information safe and up-to-date.

However, if you want to complain about any aspect of our service, or if you want to update your personal information, contact our Hearing Care Professional Gary Rayment:

  • by phone on 1300 HEAR SMART (1300 017 732)
  • by or
  • by mail at Smart Hearing Solutions, 1240 North East Road, (Unit 4 Benbowie Street) St Agnes SA 5097

We promise to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

We are trained to protect your privacy

All Smart Hearing Solutions staff are trained to understand how we keep and use your personal information along the National Privacy Principles.