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Full Hearing Assessment

The Next Step

If you have had your introductory hearing test and your hearing clinician has detected a hearing loss, the next step is to have a full hearing assessment. We’ll provide you with a more thorough examination and it gives us both a chance to discuss your hearing needs.

What’s involved in a Full Hearing Assessment?

Your full hearing assessment should take around 1 hour. If possible please bring a family member or friend along to the assessment.


Your hearing specialist will review the results of your initial hearing check and discuss the situations when you’ve had difficulty hearing, your family history, your health and lifestyle.


Your clinician will take a look inside your ears using an otoscope. They’ll check for any obstructions and evidence of infection. This is shouldn’t cause any discomfort.


Using a range of audiological equipment, including an audiometer, your clinician will then have you listen to a series of beeps to assess if you have difficulty hearing these sounds.


Speech testing will help determine discrimination levels and hearing ability in background noise.


The clinician will then discuss the results with you and suggest any further action. Should they think hearing aids may help, they can discuss your options. As a  provider of the latest wireless hearing aids, you can select from a range of leading brands and styles.


You’ll be given a copy of your audiogram for your records and in case you want to discuss this with your doctor.  We’ll also recommend techniques of dealing with your hearing loss day to day.

Pensioners and DVA Clients

For clients eligible for government assistance, you should have already applied for a Hearing Services Voucher from the Office of Hearing Services (OHS). This entitles you to hearing assessment, subsidised hearing aids (if required), and services. Please bring that along to your appointment.  If you haven’t already applied, please let us know and we can help you with your application.

Private Clients

There’s no paperwork or referral needed if you’re booking in as a ‘private’ client (that is, you’re not on a pension). There is a fee for a full hearing assessment. We’ll explain what’s involved when we book you in.

To make your appointment for a complimentary, no-obligation hearing check, please call us on 1300 432 776 or book online.