The Hear Life Guarantee

Our Hear Life Guarantee is our promise that what you pay for, is what you get – simple!

Smart Hearing Solutions is a private, independent hearing aid provider who offers choice over a range of devices and brands. Our fitting methodology is backed by science and verified outside of the hearing aid manufacturer's software.

Our Guarantee:

If you are not satisfied with the outcomes obtained from your hearing solution, we will swap or return the device/s.

For the life of your hearing devices. That means no charge for further test or check – up appointments.*

Plus an additional 1 year warranty available for purchase.

Loss and damage insurance included for the first year.

The hearing device/s we recommend are based on your overall hearing profile including listening and communication needs.

We remain impartial to hearing aid brands and will always choose the best hearing treatment for you.

*please note, Hearing Choices clients are not covered by the full Hear Life Guarantee.